MIDI Output Reset after re-opening a project

Hello comunity & Steinberg,

I have a pretty anoying behaviour that I was not able to solve until now.

Nearly all my setups include also hardware synthesizers besides VST instruments & backing tracks. I want to create a VST live setup where VST live also changes the patches on my hardware. Therefore I select a midi output (insteat of a VST plugin) on a layer and enter the MSB/LSB/PRG CHG values.
After saving and reopering the VST live project the output is reset to HALion Sonic SE. After changing back to the correct midi output the PRG CH information is set to zero…

Do I do somthing wrong? Did I missunderstood some concept? Or is this a bug?

While VST Live seems to work ok for playing plugins it lacks somehow for mixed (HW & software) setups. It would be nice to have patch lists with names insteat of numbers, or a learn function. Please make this functionality much more usable. (Refer to Camelot Pro functionality for this topics)


You are not doing anything wrong, it’s a bug. A fix will be available within the next days, sorry.

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Thx for confirming. I was beginning to doubt on my procedure…