MIDI Output Strangeness

I have a project with 3 tracks that are sending MIDI somewhere.
I haven’t tracked down where it’s going yet but the MIDI output meter is active during playback.
It also appears to send MIDI for 4 measures after the MIDI clip ends (The clips are 4 measures long).
I isolated the problem down to 3 tracks, the problem occurs when I unmute any of them.

  1. Instrument track with Kick 2 loaded
  2. Sampler track with a snare sample loaded
  3. Sampler track with another snare sample

I saved my Kick 2 preset and rendered the audio in place, then deleted the Instrument track.
When I play the audio track, I now see the same MIDI output activity I saw when the Instrument track was unmuted.
It’s an audio track, how can it be sending MIDI anywhere?
Is there any way to figure out where the MIDI output is going?


Are you sure, it comes from this track?

Do you use any Remote Device? Any Mackie HUI? This kind of device sends a MIDI message “I’m alive” in regular time period. Or any settings in the Synchronisation, where do you send a sync data out?

I think I found it. I just added a Console 1 to my workflow, doh!