MIDI outs inactive in Cubase 10.5 on Windows 10

Installed Windows 10 recently. This is the first time I’ve tried using MIDI since the installation, and none of the outputs are listed as “Active”.
First, I tried using my MOTU 128 Express, which had worked flawlessly with Cubase before. All outputs are labelled “Inactive”. So I disconnected that and plugged into the MIDI ports on my RME Multiface. Same problem.
This is a Cubase issue, right?
Any help appreciated. Thanks!


The MIDI Out becomes active here once you assign any MIDI Tracks’ out to it.

Oh, shoot! Sorry…rookie mistake. Thanks a million.

Just want to add information for anyone using the MOTU MIDI EXPRESS 128. There are several posts on the web saying that the MIDI EXPRESS 128 has a battery and if the battery is dead this can lead to problems. I took my box apart and there is no battery, so look elsewhere for the solution to the outputs not working.