Midi over Bluetooth?

What procedure did you use to to get Cubase to add the input of the Korg?

OK…so it’s pairing but is Windows seeing it as a midi/audio device in device manager?
And in Cubase midi port setup window is it completely missing??

Last time I tried that it didn’t work. I also sent a ticket to support they advised me that it’s not working on Mac. iPad, iPhone and Cubase but it works perfectly with all other DAWs like logic and Garage Band. Support told me that Steinberg would fix this in the future…

I have a Bluetooth keyboard and it’s nothing but trouble. Plays fine for a couple of minutes then sync goes mad. Of course it could be the keyboard, could be the os (mac), could be cubase but I never had any luck

Unfortunately, I can’t help much. I was test driving a new computer with Blue Tooth (current machine does not have it). I did have it working but I ended up returning the computer and I am still on my “old” one now (without Blue Tooth). I don’t remember having to do anything unusual though. There is a driver from Korg that I had to install. Something about Windows MIDI Bluetooth driver. After that, it just showed up in Cubase. That is about as much as I can remember.

I just wanted to add that you can get it to send midi signal to Cubase but the problem
Is it’s not time stamping correctly. In other words what you will play is not what you will get.

Yes Grim, it is in the Windows device manager but not in the Cubase midi port set up?


Thanks AP

Do you think that Steinberg is working on the new Midi API in Windows 10 ?
Because that new Midi API will bring some very good improvement like in the Bluetooth, and some others, in my case the Midi Multi Client Access would be so welcome !!! :mrgreen: It’s the only thing that make me regret Mac OS. But thank you to Loop midi & Midi-OX. Sorry a little off topic.

This sounds like a terrible idea and something Apple would do…let’s stick to the core features that work fine.
Buy a damn $40 MIDI interface and run a 50 foot Midi Cable.

If your keyboard doesn’t have MIDI out, then get a new keyboard… (shop for something in the PRO Section this time).

Otherwise have fun on Ableton or Garageband/Logic, maybe they will incorporate this for you.

Ok rant over… ha :slight_smile:

How far away is it anyway? You can use 5m USB cables no problem (I do) … has anyone used Bluetooth as a controller in this way? The only Bluetooth devices I’ve used have latency much higher than I’d accept for musical input. I’ve not checked the latency from using USB repeater cables to extend the 5m but it might be worth looking into.

I finally did actually get a new machine and I have been successfully using the Korg NanoKey Studio over Bluetooth when away on travel. It seems to work just fine in terms of timing. Of course, I am not playing complex things on it. Just bass lines and simple melodies but it seems to be in time after I record.

Which version of Cubase ? Pro 9 or 9.5 ??

Cubase Pro 9.0.30.

The current W10 OS does support Midi over Bluetooth. The question is: does Cubase support it too? I own only Cubase 8.5 and want to buy the korg microkey air 37 Bluetooth Midi-keyboard. In one of my PC-USB Ports I have installed a standard bluetooth 4.0 dongle. Audio Streaming over BT is working well. Does anyone have the korg microkey air Bluetooth Keyboard working unter cubase 8.5 with the Korg BLE-Midi driver for W10 64 bit installed? Does Cubase V8.5 see the Korg Bluetooth Midi Keyboard as a midi input device? are there alternatives that would work with cubase und with midi over bluetoot? Thanks a lot.

MIDIberry Thank you! Using the free MIDIberry app from the Windows 10 story, I am now able to use my Korg microKey Air over Bluetooth on Windows 10. Sadly my Cubase doesn’t recognize it directly. However I am able to play both Windows built in “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”, but more importantly my Juno-Ds connected with iConnectMidi2+. This app lets me route my microKEY Air 49 to DIN2 which plays my Juno remotely from my recliner :slight_smile: And there is no latency whatsoever through my $6.99 “Plugable 4.0 LE Bluetooth USB Adapter” from Amazon.
I am able to use my microKey Air in Cubase with a USB cable, but Cubase does not recognize the Bluetooth even though Windows 10 does. I am using the DrvTools_1_15.exe driver from the Korg website. Now if only Cubase 9 Pro would fix their software!

I have also same kind of question.
My current Cubase version is 9.5

I have keyboard and Yamaha MD-BT01 bluetooth MIDI device connected to the keyboard.
I see the bluetooth MIDI in MIDIBerry and I can play using Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
But I dont see MD-BT01 in Cubase input/output.

Any solution?

Ok, I forgot to say I use Windows 10

I moved ahead one step more. Now I can use MD BT-01 but still have unacceptable latency.

So solution is

  1. Install MIDIberry https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/midiberry/9n39720h2m05?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  2. Install https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html
  3. Follow instructions http://newbodyfresher.linclip.com/how-to-use-with-daw

For me it works more or less ok (but with a.m. latency) if I follow steps one by one

a) Start LoopMIDI (Run as Administrator)
b) Start MIDIberry
c) Start Cubase

If I do different siquence it may bring me delays with couple seconds (Terrible)

Some additional

Now researching about if it is possible to reduce latency. I think delay happens because of chain MIDI (MD BT-01) -> MIDIberry -> LoopMIDI -> Cubase
Somewhere there are delays. I suspect in MIDIberry -> LoopMIDI part. Probably because of driver.
MD BT-01 has very good reputation about latency so I am looking about update something after it.

I’m also having problems with Korg Microkeys and Cubase/Dorico. Win 10 recognizes the Korg and it works in MIDIberry, but not in dorico/cubase. Neither Bluetooth nor usb-cable.

stay away from BT. if you need to repeat reliably over longer distances, take sth like this https://www.corning.com/optical-cables-by-corning/worldwide/en/products/usb-optical-cables.html