Midi over LAN - on 01x?

I have 2 PCs where my old machine has XP (x86) & mLAN driver (01x +mLAN16 card) and my new PC has W7 x64 (MR816x +N12).

As I am about to mix (automate mixing) my new album and therefore would like to use the 01x again as a remote controller into Cubase.

I therefore wondering if I can somehow use the 01x as a remote running on the old computer and connect into Cubase 6 (via midi remote) running on the new computer? Would midi over LAN work here, but concerned that the 01x midi is contraint by the need of running a mLAN driver which theoretically is already a midi network driver) and unfortunately the mlan driver is not compatible with Y/S driver and also is not W7 compliant somehow need a way of mapping this from one PC to another?

Is this possible at all?

I really can’t answer your question, but I just want to point out that you can use rtpMIDI instead of MidiOverLan and it works extremely well on the PC and it’s compatible with the Mac’s native network MIDI driver; and more importantly it’s entirely free. FYI.