Midi overdub recording

In C12, is there a way to over dub midi without creating duplicate midi notes? For example, I record a closed hi hat (F#). Next, I record triplet closed hi hats using the same note (F#) on the same track. When I do this, I get duplicate/double notes on top of each other. I’d like it to replace any similar or overlaping notes much like Maschine, MPC software, and Reaper does when recording midi. I’ve tried all the midi record options, but nothing seems to work.


If you want to replace all data, use the MIDI Record Mode > Linear & Cycled MIDI Record: Replace.

Or do you want to replace just the F# Note?

Just the F# note. Using ‘Replace’ will not work because it mutes and replaces the notes that have already been played.

MIDI Record Mode > Linear & Cycled MIDI Record: Merge with Cycled MIDI Record Only: Overwrite works while recording. However, if I stop the recording and later want to record 8th Triplets, any new F# notes that I play are recorded as doubles/duplicate notes on top of the notes that are already there.

Would “Delete Doubles” work in your case?

That works. I could probably setup a key command for delete doubles, but it kinda ruins the vibe if you will. I guess I’ve been hooked on hardware sequencers for too long.