Midi-OX (software ?)

Hi guys,

I purchased a new PC last week (Dell Inspiron 3737 running Windows 8). On my other laptop (for home use) I have
Midi-OX which I downloaded a couple of years ago. I am not sure if Midi-OX will run on Windows 8 though ?? Would anyone happen to know please ?? I can not see a Windows 8 download option on the site anywhere. I tried joining the site but I keep getting so many error messages that I have given up after half an hour (and so I can’t post a question on their forum). I am hoping that someone on this forum will have some experience with it please.



Paul Seaman

That software hasn’t been updated for quite some time (2010 I believe). It might very well run in compatibility mode though.
There is a MIDI monitor included with Cubase (see midi effects in the plugin reference pdf) which might suffice for your needs instead.

Thanks BriHar,

Have you used Midi-OX yourself before ?? And do you know if it does the same thing(s) ??

What does ‘compatability mode’ mean please ??

Lots of people recommended it to me as a good universal work-horse. I have not tried the one in Cubase before,



MIDI-Ox is good for verifying your MIDI setup, but - in my opinion - not much more than that. I have had it installed since at least 2007 but never fire it up except for situations like this.

If you are looking to control your MIDI devices in a live setting, use Catabile Performer (Windows) or Mainstage (iOS) instead.

Thanks Foolmon,

I have heard of MainStage as a lot of professional musicians use it who have Mac’s.

If you upgraded to Windows 8, would you install Midi-OX again ??



Yeah I would because it would annoy me to no end if I had an issue getting my MIDI stuff working on stage and didn’t have it to help diagnose.

I’m a Windows person so Cantabile Performer is what I use. I love it. It can do anything you need it to do including host VSTs that you can trigger via your MIDI devices, which is particularly useful for soft synths. I used it for splitting my keyboards into multiple ranges, assigning samples that would be triggered, and controlling the routing of MIDI messages (i.e. my top keyboard would be used to play a particular patch on a specific MIDI channel on my lower keyboard, or my rack mounted synth, etc.).

It’s awesome enough that I stopped enhancing the software that I wrote to do 90% of that since it is easier to use and had more capabilities than my solution did.

Thanks Foolomon,

I managed get thru and join the site and also post my questions. I have had a couple of useful replies if you (or anyone else) is interested :-


You must be a very good player and have a complex system if you are able to hook up and operate all that gear !!