midi pad controller in Great Music Video

In Steinberg’ s the Creat Music Video’s the musician uses a midi pad controller to directly apply grooveagent, halion in Cubase 8pro. Does anybody know which braand and type with regard to this midi pad controller? Please note I’ve no experience with any midi pad controller, so I do not know which one is the best choice (to usewithin Cubase8 pro).
Please also see the attachments being screendumps of the (youtube) video.
Thanks for any suggestion. audiorecordist
Steinberg Interface cubase.JPG
Steinberg Interface  cubase 2.JPG

Hmm no, I haven’t come across that one before!
There are similar offerings from brands like Akai though.

The one in your screenshots is M-Audio Trigger Finger

I think this model has been discontinued, but they still have similar products: