MIDI panning - how to make Cubase Instrument make sound out of each headphone

Back when I used Audacity, I simply recorded 2 duplicate tracks and then changed settings: first track Stereo Out Left and the second, Stereo Out Right. This created a full sound.

In Cubase, I do the same thing. This makes the music come out of each ear in the headphones.

However, I am only able to do this with AUDIO, not with INSTRUMENTS. So the Cubase flute sounds like it is only coming out of my left ear - even when I try to pan full R. I do not want to hear drums and flute both coming out of the left ear!

I am new to panning instruments, so I am sure there is a much better way to do all this where I could halve the number of tracks I have for a song. Any ideas? Suggestions?

if a mono audio track is routed to the left out only, the panning is deactivated… it is just routed to the single output…

Headphones make use of a stereo signal, so you should set up a stereo output bus.
This should enable you to pan the signals from left to right and in between…

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Hmm… So I go to Audio Connections > Outputs and I do have Stereo Out Left and Stereo Out RIght. So I already have a stereo output bus. Correct?

Can you provide a screenshot?
The names mean nothing, the settings have to be correct.

But the presence of something like “Stereo out” indicates that it could be the needed stereo out.
We will see…

I like what you are saying, but I found a way to do this that is very manual/probably behind the times:

I make 2 duplicate Instrument tracks and make one Stereo Out L and the other Stereo Out R. Then I can go down to the Mixer and make one of the duplicates louder if I want the Instrument to sound farther to the Left or to the Right. Voila the art of panning old school style.

I am probably making this a whole lot more complicated than necessary, but I figured this is a way to go about it until I delve even deeper into Cubase :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply though!