MIDI part data representation nitpic

I think pictures explain better:

You can see that within a part, the relationship of intervals is maintained.

If we then split the part:

The relationship of intervals is not maintained. I cannot tell at a glance whether a part is on a higher or a lower register, because the “auto center”, “auto-zoom”, I don’t even know what it’s called, does its thing on each part.

It would very much suit me if this “auto centering” was taking place on the track level, and not on the part level, so that one could have many split parts and still be able to determine by just a glance the approximate registers.

Oh, and could we have the lower editor “auto center” the selected part? Maybe those two have been hooked up the wrong way around? :grin:

No-one even mildly peeved by this one?


Preferences > Event Display > MIDI > Part Data Mode: Lines.

Yes, I am using lines as a preference, but it happens with every type. Block, lines, score etc.

Just to make it clear. When we split a midi part, the lines/blocks/whatevers are auto-centered, and then we can’t compare the pitches anymore. If we glue all the parts of a track together, we can tell the pitches at a glance, and we have the whole range of the track. If we start splitting, we can only tell the pitches (relative) of each part.

Hi @ggmanestraki I see what you’re saying, but when I try to repro, I can’t get the result you do. Am I doing the same thing as you? (seems so, but that doesn’t compute…)


This is how the blocks work, but the lines should be always absolute.

You’re doing the same thing. Notice what happens at bar 21. Even though the melodic line is descending throughout, start of 21 is drawn higher than the end of 20.

I believe that if no change took place, it would be better. (Like it used to be more than 10 years ago.)

Really? I’m getting the same result always. Maybe I’ll trash my prefs and try again.

You’re talking about the gif I uploaded?

Yes, that’s where the comment goes (I needed more characters than a yes)

Oh I see… You’re talking about parts in the project, sorry about that. This was massively discussed at the time it was changed, yes, like 10 years ago.

From that time on I assumed the feature was nonexistent.

All variations behave the same here, “scores” (sic) lines, blocks, drums. The only type that doesn’t show that behavior here is No Data. :rofl:

Well, I stumbled upon it today (again), and thought I’d post a feature request. As I typed, I got deja-type, searched the forums and found THIS post (which I bumped without shame) AND the old posts about it.

So, yes, I’m not holding my breath for this to be implemented, but it’s a shame how these little things are… underestimated(?) and left behind for various reasons.