MIDI Part Parts (Like Audio Parts)

The main reason I’m requesting this, is because of another feature request in which this would solve a protocol conundrum in that other feature request:

… but…

This could also just generally be useful in various situations, specifically, a good example would be recording multiple MIDI takes of a synth solo and comping the MIDI… it would be nice to contain all the edits and potential variations into a Audio Like Part.

The terminology would need to be worked out obviously… I’m not sure why MIDI Parts were called Parts instead of Events to begin with. Maybe that in itself should change.

Because MIDI Events are things like note-on messages or cc values - the actual MIDI data. For both MIDI and Audio, Parts are containers for Events.

So then this would have to be called something else

MIDI Part Grouping? School? Flock? Pool? Collection?

I’d go with Flock.

Have you looked at the menu item Edit>Group?

Yes of coarse, I’ll use it for sections of cohesive MIDI parts across multiple tracks that are finished, but Group is not really adequate in comparison to Audio Parts in retaining a bunch of bits audio events (some muted) into a single “Event”/Part.