Midi part transpose from Cubase10.5.2 to Cubase 11


Very happy with Cubase 11…most projects working perfectly.

However came across strange problem today.

When I opened a project created in 10.5.2 some of the midi parts had changed key - this seemed to be mostly on Kontact instruments - not just transposed wrongly but actually shifted notes. Midi parts on other intruments weren’t affected??

I haven’t done anything other than open and press play - but it’s almost like there’s a chord track or scale being imposed that I haven’t set (as I don’t use these) - the notes in the midi part are all as they were and correct.

This problem is repeatable across 3 different projects.

Anyone got any ideas or a quick way to resolve - it’s both unusable and really confusing?


Hi and welcome,

Double check the Scale Assistant in the Key Editor, please. It should be disabled.

How do I disable Scale Editor? - I haven’t touched anything other than opening the project file and hitting play?

BTW - I went back to 10.5.2 to double check and the same files open and play correctlywith all midi parts in tune

OK - found a work around…

The transpose was going weird on INSTRUMENT tracks - but NOT MIDI tracks controlling the same instrument.

I just created MIDI tracks playing the INSTRUMENT and copied the midi parts to them and everything is working fine

Weird that the INSTRUMENT tracks would screw up?? - BTW this was happening on KONTACT and EastWest PLAY