Midi parts disappearing after recording

I face occasionnaly this problem. Sometimes everything goes well for a while and then midi parts begin to disappear right after recording. Recording only works inside the midi editor. Usually when I relaunch the program everything is ok but today no…
Even after reloading I can’t keep my new recordings.
I am on Nuendo 8.2.1 but I guess any solution on Cubase would fit.


Can you see the data are drawn while record? So are you sure some data are really coming to the track?

Do you record in the Project area or to the editor? Is there any other MIDI part in the track at the same time already?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I can see the data drawn while record, the part disappear when I push stop ou space to stop recording. I record both in the project area and editor, it depends. It always do the job in the editor. And there are other midi parts, recorder earlier in the track.
Btw it works again now, but I don’t know why…


Do you change the Record settings by any chance? Is it always the same record (in cycle or not any cycle)? Isn’t the MIDI Part just hidden bellow another MIDI Part?

I am getting this also
For simplicity I have a Genos keyboard and use the Usb line and Yamaha driver to computer and Cubase
I have not switched on my Focusrite as I am not doing a vst at this moment.

Ok, I choose midi input --Midi to all and output —Genos workstation. You can even see midi input on meters
Hit record and I get a blank flatline as recording. When press stop the blank track just disappears.I used to have to delete It.
What is going on here as if I do the same with my defunct sonar platinum all plays and prints the midi track.
I do get the same In Cubase with Vst, flatline and disappear but that is when the focusrite 6i6 Is switched on.
When in vst mode you can hit the keyboard on a soft synth and It sounds , but not from the Genos even when i have the right ins and outs.
play ,flatline,stop ,disappear. Must be quantum physics here :laughing:
Something really basic is going on here ,but cannot put my finger on It

All the best
Something Is corrupt or something is not happening because i need a check box somewhere checked maybe!!!


If you can see just a flat line (empty MIDI part), it means the MIDI data is not coming to the track. If there is no MIDI data, the MIDI Part is deleted automatically.

Double check the Genos MIDI Input is part of the All MIDI Ins in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports. Also try to set the Genos as a dedicated input of the MIDI track.

Hi guys. Cubase 10.5.12. When dragging a recorded Midi region from one track to another, it just disappears. The tracks work for a while as normal then suddenly it won’t record MIDI anymore (except in the MIDI editor as the OP mentioned) and you can’t drag regions to the track without it disappearing. It’s as if the track ‘goes bad’. Starts to spread to other tracks. There is a workaround if you create a new MIDI track and set it to the same output it works again. Never know which tracks will suddenly stop allowing recording etc…

Must be a corrupted session or something but have been working around the clock and haven’t had time to start deleting preference files and the like. Is this a known issue?


Isn’t the track locked?

Hi Martin,

Unfortunately, the tracks are not locked.

Quick video showing the issue (As it’s happening for me)


Thanks for your help!



I’m sorry, it really looks like a corrupted project. Could you try to File > Backup Project? Does it work in the backup project? Or could you try to create an empty project and import tracks from this project? Does this work?

Great idea. Let me try that and get back. I really appreciate the help.