MIDI Parts glitch

I have a bizarre issue that has occured intermittently to midi parts inside my projects. Some notes on my midi part will work, but other notes that have been added manually do not. This is some sort of internal crash. I have verified this by DELETING ALL CC DATA and pasting the midi part into a fresh instance of Prologue (i was using EW PLAY and I tried this to make sure it wasn’t PLAY). Even prologue will play some of the notes but not the ones in question, regardless of where the midi part is placed within the session. I tried exporting the instrument and midi using export track archive and importing into a fresh project and the same issue still exists.

So try loading this file in a fresh project. By the time you get to the 7th note (F2) the note ceases to sound during playback, this it true regardless of what instrument I assign this midi to. Any ideas? Seems like a Cubase glitch to me, not sure what causes this to occur.

Here is the link to the track archive .xml file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1uf247wuAPTYm8xaGdxUGpFNVk/edit?usp=sharing

hmm only 14 views…I’m hoping someone will try this out. Either I’m an idiot or I’ve discovered a blackhole to the netherrealm in Cubase!.. :ugeek: :laughing:

Indeed you have found a black hole which should permit time travel. Be very careful how you use this power. We are all depending on you.

Also, and possibly more to the point, Have a look in the List Editor- the midi events (CC11) are listed out of order. When I edited the CCs position they corrected the way they were sorted- also deleting them and then hitting undo had the same result. Strange.

Once the CCs were sorted correctly, the notes all played.

PS, let me know if you plan to travel back in time, I have ideas on some changes to make.

I totally forgot about the list editor! Good idea! Thanks!