MIDI parts is named after the track

I use Superior Drummer 3 and use to find the patterns in this drum VI that suits the project I work on. The moment I drag the MIDI pattern from S3 into Cubase (12) the MIDI part changes name to the track! In that way it’s almost impossible to “go back” to search for a MIDI pattern in S3, because the name is gone!
This is not how it’s done in Studio One, where the MIDI pattern retain it’s name, making it so much easier to go back and find other MIDI patterns from the collection.
Is there a way to stop Cubase from re-naming the patterns i drag in?

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Probably Parts get Track Names?

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No it doesn’t affect this, sorry!

Are you sure? Did you click “Apply” and “OK” after unchecking the box?

You might even need to close and restart Cubase after making the Preferences change.

I had this same issue last night with Cubase Pro 12 and Superior Drummer 3. Just now, after unchecking “Parts Get Track Names” the behavior has changed.

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The setting has never been on. And I have never seen this working!

I think you have dragged the MIDI groove file from Superior Drummer 3 to an empty track, which then get named by the MIDI groove file name. But if you select another MIDI grove in S3 and drag it to the same track, it will get named by the track name and NOT by the groove file, right?

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Okay, I’m completely confused at this point.

Last night I was able to drag and drop a MIDI “groove” from SD3 onto an existing instrument track and have that event display the “groove” name. Tonight, no luck.

Hopefully I will have a bit more time to investigate the situation over the weekend.

Well, I just created a new empty project in Cubase 11 and things seem to be working as they should be. I need to eat and sleep. Will investigate further on the flip side …

I must say this was the first time creating a drum part from the Toontrack grooves since being on Cubase 12. I’m not sure if or when things changed or if it’s a Steinberg or Toontrack “thing”.

Anyway … I’ll try to do some more detective work if I get a chance this weekend.

I couldn’t leave it alone. Just tried in Cubase 12 with completely rebuilt stock Preferences - no “Parts Get Track Names” enabled - and the dragged MIDI file gets the track name.

Uggg …

I will investigate further when I get a chance.

Created a fresh empty project in Cubase 11. The MIDI file remains named as the Toontrack name.

Opened the same project in Cubase 12. The MIDI file gets the track’s name.

Something strange going on.

Sorry, @steve … I must have been tired, hungry, and/or a bit towards the drunk side of things when I confirmed that this was working properly in Cubase 12 :upside_down_face: .

I absolutely cannot get it to work in Cubase 12. Cubase 11 … no problem!

Curiously, I just opened a clean project in Nuendo 12 (12.0.52 - same version as Cubase) and it works properly …

I am almost 100% certain that this is a Cubase “thing” at this point.

@Musicmind, sorry for the initial false satisfaction. This is something I would like to resolve, as well!

I will keep trying different things as time allows.

Did you also try with prefs disabled in C12?

I did.

Oh wow! I can read different things you wrote by looking at them! :exploding_head: I should try that!

I was able to get the dragged parts to be self-named with the MIDI import prefs set like this. I don’t suppose it’s a solution, but it’s worth some investigation…

Oh, my God, I love you so much I want to marry you!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I thought I had tried everything. But, after seeing your screenshot … it was the “Auto Dissolve Format 0”.

Working for now, anyway. Thanks again for your assistance on this one!

@Musicmind, see if the “Auto Dissolve Format 0” box is checked. If it is, uncheck it and see if it makes any difference. I “think” this might be the missing link here.

I thought we were already married! Do you lose track of all the people you marry?

I just putzed around changing settings, is all.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yes!!! That worked! I’m already married, sorry!

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