MIDI patch scripts and parse files

Hey friends.

I’m a total nooooob!

so, apologies for that. I’m trying to install midi patch lists using parse files. I did this back in SX3 days, but I can’t remember how to do this. I’m new to C5. I have the old txt files still, I just dont know where to put them or how to get C5 to recognize, and install these patch lists or how to convert them to XML.

is there anyone out there that can help?

thanks so much in advance.

There’s a utility for download at Steiny’s FTP site.

whoa this sounds cool…erm…can you give me a link?

i have no idea what i’m doing…yet :smiley:

yes id like to know about the text file as well. A few years ago ive tried everything to convert to an xml file and all have failed ,all cubase.net gave me was the sites for downloading text files and not a conversion tool to xml ,name so please !


my apologies just found the link !


regards john

here is the easy way to do it :
copy your text file to the following:
Documents and Settings/Your Name/Application Data/Steinberg/Cubase /scripts/patch name/
Put the file in the “Inactive” folder.

Then use the “Install Device”
button of the MIDI device manager in cubase

at last finally the jp is patch scripted


Thanks for this link.

Can someone tell me where/ how the *.smf files get converted to *.txt? I thought this would open a patch script text file for modification, but as far as I can see it only opens the *.smf files.

Also, could someone translate this? It is from a file I have for a Roland XV5080 and I need to change part of it for a different expansion board.

[g1] EXP: D - Asia
[p2,0,89,26] XP-D: 001 Asia Phrase

I just need to understand the [p2,0,89,26] part last two numbers, 89 and 26. I assume the p2 is 2 pages? and the 0 is just the first patch in 128 patch bank. There are 256 patches and after the first 128 the last number, 26, changes to 27. But other earlier banks have different sets of even higher number pairs … so I can’t quite figure this out.

Is the 89 a proprietary Roland identifier for the bank?