midi patches in saved projects

After a windows crash (WIN10) and subsequent reinstallation most of the midi patches for the saved projects do not load in when recalling the project. It seems to load the initial patch instead of the one saved with the project. There isn’t a midi patch at the beginning of the list inspector so where are these stored? My hope is that I can see the midi patch saved with the project and manually choose it then save the project. This happens for every midi track in the project. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


What do you mean by “MIDI Patches”, please? Do you mean Studio > More Options > MIDI Devices…, please?

Maybe you mean “Program Changes” to choose an instrument for a MIDI track?

Also, in Preferences, MIDI, check your choices on Import MIDI File, Extract Program Changes ( I cannot access my studio computer now, but the name should be close to that ). Do not extract the “patch changes” if you want to see them in List Editor.

If you decide to Extract them, then they will end up in Inspector Track, not in List Editor.