Midi Pattern/Phrase player

Looking for a solution (plugin or Cubase built in) to play a midi file (drum beat for instance) using one midi note.

Must be able to import midi and must have midi out, in order to be able to play a external VSTi.

Would be great if Groove Agent had a midi out.

Any ideas?

You can do this with the midi insert Apache SX.
Use the Sequence tab.
Drag the midi part to the space for dropping midi.
Set your play mode to trigger.

Thanks, and yes Apache SX does one sequence.
I should have been more specific.
Basically what I need is the way Groove Agent plays back as a pattern player… you can drag different midi files to different pads and playback using whatever midi note you want. Problem is, Groove Agent only plays back internally, I would like to trigger Superior drums or any other “external” VSTi drum plugin.
For instance Verse pattern 1 on C1, Verse pattern 2 D1, Chorus E1 …

Groove Agent SE 4 supports real time MIDI output.

Groove Agent SE… Yeah, Figured it out, it’s a little finicky. It does work though.


If it’s a single line , you might find the Step Designer plug of use. Patterns can be triggered with one key press, but it is only a single line.

Yeah, need more than a single line. Also need to import drum midi files. Groove agent’s pattern player works although limited to 16 patterns but stll very usable. Wish there was a more robust solution.

In theory, you could load multiple instruments or midi tracks, place them all on Monitor or Record Ready as needed and use multiple instances of either GA or Step Designer – but, that sounds like way to much work for me.

The best arpeggiator in my limited collection of instruments is the one in Retrologue/2