midi pedal lines not showing

Any suggestions for the following? I’m recording a piano part from a midi keyboard (live). The sustain pedal usage is recorded and reproduced successfully on playback but does not show up as pedal lines on the score. What am I missing?

thanks for any help.

Have you set Preferences > Play > Recording > Import CC64 as Pedal Lines?

yes, I did that…

Do you know whether the pedal is generating CC64 or some other controller? Could you attach a sample project that shows the problem? (it has to be zipped up first)

Paul thanks for your attention … For some reason it is now working fine! Can’t reproduce the error. Can you please tell me how I can make visible the midi controller information in a score?

MIDI controllers can be shown in Play Mode by expanding the controller lane. However, bear in mind that the CC64 controller is generated automatically from the pedal lines in the project and so doesn’t appear in the controller lane

Thanks Paul