Midi pedal off when the stop button is pressed

you have corrected almost all of my comments, thank you very much!
I pointed out one more small thing, and I would be happy if this was also corrected. While playing a song, if you stop with the stop button, the piano hold pedal does not turn off, the last note or chord is played continuously. This can be annoying if you have to stop playback during a concert. My request is that when the Stop button is pressed, a hold pedal off midi instruction is automatically sent to the given VST instrument. (This is the case with Cubase and Nuendo as well.)
Thank you

Layers keep processing until all notes and the sustain pedal is beeing released, for smooth transitions between Part changes, regardless of any transport actions such as Stop or Locate.

Tracks send an all notes off MIDI message to their targets on Stop, which should make the receiving synth react appropriately.

What exactly is your case like?

I’m playing a recorded midi track that has hold pedal information. I stop it at a point when the pedal is depressed (piano). The last note continues to play, the pedal does not receive “off” information. The same midi file works flawlessly in Nuendo.

Understood. The question was what the receiving MIDI plugin or device is.
Anyway, we‘ll add a pedal off message on stop, thanks!

Kontakt 6 (The Grandeur piano). Thanks!

Fixed with the next version, thanks for reporting!