Midi Phrase Duplication of Note Lengths

This issue has to do with duplicating phrasing/articulations. I have a Verse 1 and a Verse 2. Verse 2 has different notes, but I want the note lengths to be the same as those in verse 1. Any one have any ideas on how to do this without have to go note by note (tedious)?

I find that it helps to think about workflow order which can simplify tasks. For what you are doing I’d start by writing Verse 1 in a MIDI Part. Duplicating that & rename it to Verse 2. Open 2 in Key Ed and arrow through the notes to change the pitch. The idea is to duplicate the element that will be the most work to recreate later. If I have a line with a rhythmic motif I’ll often start with that on a single pitch and use that as a starting point.

Appreciate the response. What I’m dealing with in this case is a number of projects that are already composed. However I have acquired some superior VSTs. As a result, I am able to gain more precise control over their phrasing and articulations. The more realistic sound has also exposed the phrasing Band-Aid approach I had to use with the original Steinberg instruments I was using. So I find that I need to update the midi parts to take advantage of the new instruments.

Sometimes the only real option is to dig in and do a bunch of hand work. If you are not familiar with the Logical Editor, check it out. It can help a bunch with repetitive tasks (but not always) and you can combine several using macros. Good luck.

Groove Quantize

I’ve using to Logical Editor to provide for Guitar Strumming effects and randomizing on Piano and non-piano instruments to obtain some Humanizing characteristics, but I’m at a loss on how be able to select 2 groups and make group 2 like group 1. I was hoping someone might have a trick up their sleeve somewhere. I’ll have to investigate the macro concept further.

Thanks for this. I’ll need to look into this more deeply.

Tried this. It doesn’t do anything for the note lengths only, except to increase their length as I increase the length percentage. Maybe I’m doing something incorrectly, but I can’t seem to see what that is based on the documentation provided. Perhaps you have an example?

After further review of the Logical Editor, I cannot find a means to simultaneously have a group of notes selected and compare it to a second selection of notes, then act on the second selection to compare like to like and set the second group of notes to match the lengths in the first section.

Macros won’t really help until I can get the first part done. That’s select 2 separate groups of notes and compare the 2nd to the first.