Midi piano roll help


Is there any way to adjust piano roll octave range? One of my VST plugin uses keyswitches which are set between -C2 <- > -B2.

Sometimes I can access those notes but sometimes piano roll seems to stop at C0 and I can’t scroll below that and in some occasions it goes down to -D1 and not below that. This seems to happen randomly and without any logic.

For example: I got this one midi file. I import it to Cubase. Then I create track with this vst plugin which uses keyswitches. Then I click and track this imported midi file to this vst plugin midi track. I start editing in piano roll and lowest I get is C0. I close Cubase and do this in same order as above and this time piano roll scrolls to -D1. And when I do this same thing for the third time I cannot get lower than -G1.

This same thing happens also if I start putting notes to empty midi bar on piano roll without any imported midi.

So as I mentioned this seems to happen randomly and I don’t understand the logic behind this, so any suggestions what I have to do?

Thank you for your help!

I just checked mine and it works perfectly. I can scroll from C-2 to G8 in the key editor.

Which Cubase are you using and what version number is it?

I got Cubase 10 Artist latest update.