midi playback and drum maps

hello there!
i just bought a zoom h4n and recieved cubase le 7 with it.
i’ve been trying to play around with the midi drum maps and encountered 2 problems:

  1. i use the zoom h4n as an audio interface. plug it to the laptop with a usb cable.
    i have headphones plugged in to the zoom h4n and speakers plugged in to the laptop.
    every time i record and play anything in this setup, it comes through the headphones connected to the zoom machine, except midi tracks!
    for some reason, while listening\recording new tracks, the midi files play through the speakers connected to the laptop instead of through the headphones.
    since i want to record new tracks while listening to ALL of the old ones, both midi and normal audio, this is annoying.
    the little monitor button (the button that lights up yellow, on the track) is turned off.
    i cant seem to solve this.
    how do i make the midi tracks play through the earphones of the audio interface instead of through the speakers when i record/play back?

  2. i currently only have “Gm drum map”. i would like to have a variety of sounds.
    can i download more? for free maybe?
    or can i make my own drum maps in some way? if so how?

thank you in advance!