MIDI Playback and Mackie Control Universal Pro

Hi Folks.

I recently upgraded from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase 7.
The problem I’m about to describe happens in both version, so I’m pretty sure
it’s a config issue, but I just can’t figure it out.
I record a MIDI track and everything’s fine.
It also plays back just fine fro as long I don’t touch my MCU Pro.
If I slide a fader or spin the Pan knob, that particular track goes bonkers
and I’m getting stuck notes that I can only reset by stopping the transport.
(Reset on Transport Stop is enabled, makes it much easier).

Any pointers? I’d appreciate any help you might have for me.

Just a few details about my setup:
MCU Pro connected via USB.
Focusrite Saffire Pro40 connected via Firewire serves as MIDI-Interface.
Roland Integra-7 connected to Pro40 via MIDI-Out

and the whole shootin’ match runs on an iMac with Mac OSX 10.8.4

Thanks in advance Guys!

Cause your mackie midi in/out is active in “all midi input” selection in the cubase midi setup

Make sure your midi tracks have your controller selecttedas the source, and not all midi inputs.

Thanks so far for the replies.

I did check the active inputs for “All MIDI in” and excluded the Mackie from it.
Although I always select my Controller per Channel manually anyway, just something I got used to do.

I did find out something else though.
When I record without the Mackie being switched on and I move the virtual Faders on the Mixer (F3)
I have the same problem and it screws up the MIDI Playback.

Same thing, when I playback one MIDI Track and record another. I can hardly play along since my reference gets
all chopped up…

I did not have this issue before until I installed the Pro40 as a MIDI Interface.
Before I used a Line6 TonePort UX2 and had no issues under Cubase 4 Studio whatsoever.
As soon as I switched to the Saffire Pro40 under Cubase 4 Studio as well as Cubase 7 it started happening.

I’ll try to get a hold of Focusrite as well to see if they know of anything…

Did you find the solution… i just got my mackie control pro too and experiencing the same issue…