Midi Playback from Dorico to Yamaha Montage

Hi all
Dorico recognizes my Montage as input, but doesn’t allow me to add the midi instrumnt in the playback panel (Dorico Pro 4). Does anyone know how to playback to a synth?

You click on the plus icon under MIDI Instruments:

And then it should appear in the list of MIDI output devices similarly like shown here:

Gi Ulf
Thanks for your reply.
That’s where the problem is, my synth doesn’t appear there at all. It appears in Preferences/Play and when I’m in write mode the notes sound on my Mac (although with quite a lag). So Dorico sees the synth but not for playback.

On the Montage end, is it enabled for MIDI input (via USB)?

Yes it is, I’ve connected my MacBook to it via usb

Then please start Dorico with the Montage connected and do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file then post here. Thanks

Your suggestion to open Dorico after I plugged into usb of the synth worked. I thought that Dorico would recognize the midi connection in play mode automatically as it does in write.
thanks for your help!

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