Midi playback - notes are not heard !!!

Hey guys,

Has anyone experienced the following. I wrote some synths which for some time sounded fine during playback. After some editing though some chords or notes cannot be heard even though the editor shows that they are there and the corresponding keys are shown pressed. The funny part is that if you start the playback just before the specific note/chord it plays just fine until it reaches the next one with the same problem and the same goes for that too!
Honestly this is getting frustrating. I think that most of us feel that they payed a lot of money (in comparison to other apps that do a similar job) for an app with a lot of potential but loaded with bugs and errors that make it almost impossible to create music!

Where is this update that fixes and stabilizes most of things???

Using an iPad air 32gb.

I’ve had that before, make sure you don’t have notes on top of notes, I think in my case it just needed some cleanup.