midi playback of fp plays as forte


Using Dorico 3 (and also 2, but I am not using it any longer), the marking “fp” plays back as forte, instead of as a forte with an immediate piano. Similarly, sf/sfz and friends do not play a loud sound. Is there a way to work around this until it is added?

Controller lanes in Play?

For fp, you could add a p immediately after it (at the next rhythmic position, in note input), then hide that intensity mark via the Properties Panel.

This is the kind of “envelope” dynamics that Daniel has said to be part of the planned features. Hopefully soon enough — along with fermatas and such (which I find more difficult to work around than fp, sf, etc)

I just hope the length of fermati will be individually adjustable (either in beats and fractions or in seconds and fractions) in the Properties panel. The Finale solution of having all fermati increase note length by a set percentage is not sufficiently flexible.

(Sorry to be pedantic :wink: : the plural of fermata is fermat_e_ in Italian.)

Be “pedantic:” I’m always happy to learn something new. :slight_smile:

The solution I hit on was to write F at the primary rhythmic position, and then sub p immediately afterwards (next rhythmic position). It takes a bit of scrambling but that is my solution to it.