Midi plays different notes...

I’m starting a project and I’m building a very basic chord pattern for a 3 chord song. Here’s where I am:
1-I make a simple beat with Beat Designer…
2- I create an instrument using Halion Sonic and I play a bass (midi channel 2) part to a chord chart that I’ve written.
3- I play the piano (midi channel 1) part.
Pretty straight forward, I’d say.

The song is in E major. I play it back and everything is in G# major. The midi notes are all playing a major 3rd higher. In the editor, if I press an E midi note, it sounds a G#. If I press the E note on the piano roll to the left, it sounds E. So, even though the midi note is on the E note of the piano roll, and the piano roll notes sounds correctly, the actually note sounds a G#. All of the chords are a major 3rd higher; same with the bass part.

I’ve checked all of the transpose functions in Halion; nothing there.

What am I missing?


Using Cubase Pro 9 with latest update.


Make sure, you are not using Transpose track (might be hidden). And also make sure, you are not using any MIDI Modifier or MIDI Plug-in (Transformer) to transpose the data, please.

Thanks Martin,

I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t using an modifiers (no plugins for sure), although there was CC1 that, even though I couldn’t see anything on it, it would not hide when unchecked.
My solution was to export the midi file, create a new project and import it. The result was the midi notes came in on G# major (remember, I exported it as E major). I just high lighted all of it and dragged it to E and it works properly now.
Thanks again,