MIDI plays in one project, not the other, C Studio 5

The issue this time is I have MIDI imported projects. On some projects the audio stops after a split second (everything else is moving) and Cubase is no longer responding. Other, older projects, and bigger, play all the MIDI beautifully. All MIDI is imported from Sibelius 2, I’m thinking there is a corrupted file because on my current project, a week ago I was running MIDI fine on VST instrument slots one and two, but three would stop the audio when it entered. I’m using Cubase Studio 5 32, windows 7 32, Edirol orchestral is only VST, Fast Track Pro and yes the AV is turned off, yes I have all the latest drivers and updates, yes energy saver is off. Also on the ‘stop’ projects CPU jumps to %100 then Cubase is no longer responding and CP freezes. I played with all latency and buffer sizes, same result no matter the ratio.Also, forum has 32 pages of topics, each with 50+ topics per page, spend hours looking. Should be topic based, but not the important problem now. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.