MIDI-Plugin: RoundRobin Melody-Play from an edrum-pad

Unfortunately it is not possible to play a VSTi (not a RR-sampler!) with RoundRobin MIDI alteration by hitting only one e-drum. We figured out in the German forum that there is only ArpacheSX working wth percussive sounds.
If you want to play a melody with pad-sounds you come to know that NoteOff events are needed at the same time the next note is played…


OK, the ingenious Bidule MIDI geeks are getting this one right! :nerd: :ugeek:

(3rd post, solution by user reezekeys)

But you’ll still need virtual MIDI ports to get MIDI from Cubase into the Bidule program and back again… :frowning: :neutral_face:

Are you Cubase developers getting this one also right, only within Cubase (with a Cubase MIDI plugin)? :question:

Look what Bidule can do with it:

Melody-Play for e-drummers!

For example: Three E-drum pads; two for different melodies, one for stopping all notes…


The admittedly strong Cubase midi features meet their match :wink:

(To give (non-)drummers an idea for drummer’s melody play : check the melody-presets with a Roland flaggship e-drum module: