Midi port cleanup

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I have somewhat of a first world conundrum here… (I do not like using that terminology but eh, it fits the pettiness of this issue :stuck_out_tongue: )

Midi port cleanup in cubase:

After a few updates etc, i find that my remote sl midi ports are being renamed everytime. - they get a new number infront of the name … Example:
(2- RemoteSL)
(3- RemoteSL)

So all older tracks that were mapped to the remote sl need to be remapped with the “new” number of the remoteSL…

I went into the Port Setup of cubase prefs and deleted all old remoteSL entries… But the remote is still mapped as:
(5- RemoteSl) -( meaning it is the fifth iteration of the same Remote port)

How do i clean up all old assignments and “keep it clean” so to speak?

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You are on Windows, right? Cubase over takes the MIDI Ports from the system. You have to delete it on the system level.

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-> ah, so there is no quickfix:p

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This blog post by Ultimate Outsider is pretty quick and should help :slight_smile:


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