Midi Port missing error on Cubase 5

Hello I am Cubase 5 user and started using Kontakt.

My friend sent me a project file which contains multi midi track using Kontakt, and it is made in Cubase 9.02.

When I open the file in cubase 5, the message saying Kontakt is missing ports is showed up. Also, although all of the tracks are still, it says each tracks are “missing midi input” sent from Kontakt.
So I cannot hear any soind from project.

How can I solve this problem? Pleasr give me any help…

It is likely that the Kontakt sound used in CB 9.02 and your CB 5 are different and… the location of the actual VSTi is stored in a different location on your computer. Once opening the project try assigning your own similar Kontakt sound to the applicable tracks.

Regards :sunglasses: