MIDI Port Output?

Forgive me if I missed it in Dorico documentation, or in searching this forum…

Is there built in support for communicating with a MIDI interface?
I.E. External MIDI workstations like a Fantom X, virtual MIDI ports, rtpMIDI, etc.

There is no Midi Out in the current version…

We expect to be able to add this relatively soon, but not in the 1.0.10 update I’m afraid.

Thanks much for the replies.

I’ve found a work around with some third party plugins (Bidule VSTi added to the whitelist) for the short-term. It’s a bit of a fuss managing a separate audio mixer panel outside of Dorico…but it gets the job done when needed.

Thanks for reminding me of Bidule!! I just managed to route live Midi Out from Dorico into Cubase via LoopBe internal midi. Yay!! :smiley:

Daniel … Please add to Dorico the following:
Ability to output to my Genos or other external sound module while in Edit mode.
Also, ability to choose a few bars and loop those while tweaking the notation until it “sounds” right.
Others who can “hear” notation don’t need this, but I certainly do.
You are the smartest man on the planet by far. Please give this old man what I need to write songs.
Thank you, Daniel.

In Play mode Routing…