Midi port selection

I am using midi with Cubase for the first time. I have no problem using instruments from Halion Sonic or Microsoft Wavetable. In addition, I have loaded the Bassmidi driver which Cubase recognizes and displays in it’s midi port list. However, when I try to pick the Bassmidi driver for a track, Cubase freezes and Task Manager is needed to shut it down.


I don’t know this Massmidi driver. What device is it? In any case it seems, the driver doesn’t work stable. I would recommend to reinstall it and make sure you have the very latest version installed.

If it’s some kind of virtual driver, make sure there is no MIDI loop.

Hi Martin,
Bassmidi works well with other apps. It is a virtual driver which permits the loading and using of Soundfonts. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by ensuring ‘there is no MIDI loop’.

Thanks for the response

Lynton Cooke

With such virtual devices it is possible to end up with MIDI data being sent from Cubase to the virtual device which then sends the data back to Cubase and then back to the the virtual driver…etc, etc. Thus a MIDI loop which causes instability if not a complete crash of one or the other.

Don’t think I’m doing that as I have ‘Bassmidi’ setup to be only as an output port. Can anyone suggest an alternative that works OK. My objective is to use Cubase with Soundfonts.

Does the ‘Bassmidi’ have MIDI Out? Isn’t your MIDI track in Cubase set to All MIDI Inputs?

I would recommend to use some VST plug-in (Instrument) as a Soundfont player. Use KVRaudio to search for some.

Thanks for the info Martin, much appreciated by a total neophyte. I’ll try the VST route.