MIDI ports and VST Connections randomly disconnecting/getting hussled


I’ve been having a problem with Cubase since, well…forever…
My VST Connections seem to randomly get hussled or disconnected upon opening other or the same (!) projects after closing one. Or after closing and reopening Cubase.
Even my standard audio inputs get thrown around all the time and there is no recognizable pattern to be seen. For instance, my standard Stereo input for iPhones or whatever is patched to Analog lines 7 and 8 on my Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56. However, more often than not, after reopening Cubase, it may very well be set to Analog in 3 and ADAT B line 5. And without touching it, it might just as easy end up on sp/dif R and ADAT A line 8 the next time. And this is just one stereo input of the 30+ inputs and 30+ outputs.

This is not the end of the world, but it is however very frustrating and annoying, and more importantly, very time-consuming. Is there a patch-shuffle-button somewhere that I don’t know of…?

And saving the routing as a user preset… no good… It just doesn’t get saved.

So, that’s part 1 of the problem.

Part 2 is similar, but in the MIDI environment. I have a rather large collection of synths and modules hooked up through 6 Midex 8 units.
The synths are coupled with MIDI ports so they are integrated in Cubase as External Instruments (yay Steinberg! I love this!). But, again, more often than not, upon opening Cubase, all the settings (port names and routings) are gone. Also in Device Setup/MIDI Port Setup, a bunch of MIDI ports are not named. So most Midex ports are labeled

Midex 1
Midex 2
Midex 3
Midex 4 etc

Midex (2) 1
Midex (2) 2 etc

Midex (3) 1
Midex (3) 2 etc

but then somewhere down the line, a bunch of ports are all identically named noname. Meaning there is no way to determine which port belonging to which Midex it is, except for routing MIDI channels to them and checking which module or synth is receiving MIDI data one by one. This is quite a daunting task, with apparently no guarantee that it will remain stored for the next time I open Cubase.

Who can tell me if there’s anything that I’m doing wrong or what I could try to do to work around this problem?

Best, and thanks a bunch!


I’ve the same problem with midi inputs.
Have you some good news?

Thank you,