MIDI: Pressing One-Key, Playing Multiple Notes


I’m having an issue and I’m not sure if it’s a setting in cubase of my Navation Launch Key49 Midi Controller. I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements and when playing the midi keyboard, for certain keys when playing one single note, multiple keys are registered as being played in the sampler control. I’m not sure if this is part of the chords settings or something with my controller. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


if midi track doesn’t have any modifiers than it is MIDI controller. Put MIDI monitor into insert and check what’s going on. If controller sends few notes for one pad, read controller’s manual and check its settings.

Hello good day. I have an m audio oxygen 61 key midi controller and all of a sudden it started playing multiple notes when pressing one key. I found a solution. Simple. I dismantled the keyboard and disconnected the integrated circuit that controls the display board and octave shift. Problem solved instantly. The only drawback is I cant change octave on the piano.:disappointed: