MIDI previews still not at project tempo

Loving Cubasis 2.0, but disappointed that the preview of MIDI drum loops is not at the project tempo.

It’s almost impossible to tell if a midi loop fits a song when you try to audition it and it plays back out of time with the other tracks in the project.

Are the previews playing back the midi file? or a pre-rendered audio file?

Even if it’s an audio file, playback at the project empo should be easier now that we have time stretching :slight_smile:

Is this something that will be fixed soon?


Hi Rich,

The previews are pre-rendered audio files and are played back at their original tempo.
We might change the behaviour with a later update. At this moment I can’t give you a date for this.


It’s 2019 now. Any progress on this?

Hi rtorstrick,

Thanks for your message.

We might change this behaviour at some point in the future.
As of yet, there is no date available for this.

Best wishes,

I share richlam’s frustration with this (lack of a) feature. It makes finding a great drum loop after the fact impossible. An inspiration killer.