MIDI problem - Cubase 6.5

Hi hi,

So I have a MIDI problem with my cubase 6.5. I load a project and all sounds fine and good, everything working correctly. After approx. 15-30 minutes my MIDI decides to stop working - i.e. I press my midi keyboard and no sounds come through on Cubase and no signal is detected, either in cubase or from the keyboard itself. I’m using a Casio CDP-100 (a basic digi keyboard with MIDI capability) routed via an M-Audio Fast Track.

Any thoughts? Help gratefully appreciated!

Sounds like it might be a power saving setting in Windows that cuts the power to your midi interface after some idle time and Cubase doesn’t detect it again when it’s turned on again.

Hmmm, hadn’t considered that, thanks! Any idea how to change this?

I was thinking along the same lines. I suppose it’s a USB connection from your keyboard - could be power saving on those.

My rule of thumb for DAWs has always been: All power saving off and no screensavers active or any other eye candy software active.

Cheers guys! Have turned off power-saving to USBs, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Ok so I’ve turned off ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ option for all USB devices (keyboard unmarked but it’ll be one of these) but the problem persists. Again about 15/20 mins into going on cubase - this time after going into key editor for a drumtrack… any further thoughts?

Is this fixed by restarting Cubase? Or restarting the keyboard? Or restarting the computer?

Fixed temporarily when I restart Cubase, so I guess that’ll do for now!