Midi problem in Key edit (piano roll)

When I double-click the midi tracks of different instruments on the project window, it shows the notes in key edit, as normal.

Then when I click on one of these notes to audition it, I hear the instrument assigned to that note, as normal.

But when I play my keyboard (mpk mini) I do not hear the instrument that is assigned to that note. Instead I hear the instrument that is selected in the project window. This never happened with my Cubase 3.6.

A long-running problem this.

In the Key Ed notes will get played by the VSTi on the Track that has the MIDI Part being edited.

When you play a keyboard controller it plays the VSTi’s on every Track that:

  1. Has Monitoring enabled
  2. Has your controller set as an input for that Track (either by specifically selecting it or including it in All MIDI Inputs).

What is happening inside the editor is totally independent from which Tracks a controller will play. What you describe sounds like everything is working as expected.

If you are using a VSTi like Halion or Kontakt that supports multiple instruments you might also want to check to make sure your MIDI Channel numbers match between the controller and the instrument.

If everything is OK how do people work with midi in key edit - if they select a note belonging to an instrument but the keyboard plays a different instrument? My keyboard controller is set to all.

Whatever Track that MIDI Part lives on, enable monitoring on THAT track.