Midi problem master keyboard cubase communication

Opening Cubase and connecting the midi keyboard I have functional problems that is when I press the central E of the master keyboard in Cubase the “Mix console” window opens as well as pressing the central F key (always on the master keyboard) the “Pool” window I state that before everything worked, I tried to uninstall and install the UR22C sound card drivers but without success. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you Michele

It sounds like your keyboard is triggering a Generic Remote. Can you post some screenshots of Studio>Studio Setup similar to the one below for each of your listed Remote Devices - which likely are just a couple and not 11 like I have. Specifically look at the MIDI Input settings. You’ll likely find that at least one Remote incorrectly has its Input set to your keyboard.

check the settings as per your suggestions, I will give you answer.
thank you.

Problem solved
Thanks Taino

Sorry Raino