Midi problem - some keys on my keyboard also change volume

I have just bought Cubase 12 elements and a new soundcard UR22 Mk2 and the setup has worked just fine. However I experience a strange problem when running midi and VST instruments. When pressing certain keys the volume changes on all channels. The change correlate with key sensitivity so a hard toucdown, almost no change while a weak strike almost cancel all output sound. It is not appearing in the recordings but it is almost impossible to play with this problem. I have looked in the midi device manager but I dont find my piano there (Roland Rd700nx). I have tried other roland options such as Jv800 without success. Have anywone experienced this problem? Chatgpt suggest to disable Remote key midi controll but I dont find that option.
I hav struggled with this for days now and also tested another keyboard but still no succes. I have also tried midi via the soundcard or directly from the synth, but no change.
I am really hoping that someone has experienced this problem and found a solution.
Hoping for a solution to this!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use any Remote Device? Generic Remote, Mackie Control, MIDI Remote? Or do you use Quick Controls?

Is there any Input Transformer involved? Or MIDI Modifier/MIDI Insert?

Hi, and thanks for the reply! I dont use any remote devises, just the program. I also dont have any input transformer, or MIDI Modifier. Not that I am aware of at least. I get the same result when connecting the midi through a midicontroller to the sound card, as if I connect the midi directly from the synth via USB. The problem is not there if I pick a vst instrument without velocity sensitivity, such as certain organs.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the Project window, we could see, there is any Input Transformer or MIDI Modifier, please?