MIDI Problem with Cubase LE8

Can anyone help. Importing a midi file to LE8, however cant get it to play back through my Laptop Windows 10. I import same file into other software e.g. Audacity, Midi editors etc and they all play with no problem. Got my Cubase MIDI out port in devices etc set to microsoft gs wavetable synth.

Thought I might have had some response to help me resolve my problem. No worries - I’ve ditched Cubase and its glitches and moved to another platform.


It’s challenging software to learn and most people here are malcontents and have very negative psychology. I came from Ardour, Pro Tools and Reaper and have spent the last year trying to learn the software. There’s a lot it can do so stick at it.

Here’s the LE 8 PDF manual:

There is a section on inporting MIDI on page 379. I used control + F in the PDF document with the search term ‘import midi’ to find this:

Thanks for your encouragement - much appreciated. I have persevered for too long and have now taken Cubase off my system and using alternative software.