midi problem with touchosc


I use touch osc with cubase 6 and it works great live. For example if I use a keyborad layout when i play a c3 I heard a c3 of the vsti but if I record it all the notes are white in the editor and come back at the beginning of the track. With a hardware keyboard no problem, and in garage band no problem with touchosc.

I’m looking for a solution.


I have the same problem with TouchOSC in here! I can control anythings live, but if I try to record anything, midi is just blank.

Would be great to hear a solution for this.

Try to switch “Use system timestamp” in the midi port properties.

Unfortunately that’s not available in OSX. But I found a way to get this sort of working.

I went to MIDI -> CC Automation Setup and setup “Record Destination on conflict” to Automation Track. Cubase records then OSC signal accurately to an automation track. Changes my workflow a bit, but not too much.