Midi Problem

Hi all,
Not knowing much about midi i need some help with a problem I’m having with my MPK 49 keyboard.
Often when I’m playing a VST instrument the instrument’s pan jumps to the left, it happens all the time when I’m just playing notes, and i have to slide the pan in the inspector to centre, but then it does it again yet the pan stays centre, once i move it again the stereo image returns.
Its becoming very annoying, I’m sure its some sort of control change going on but I’ve no idea where to even start to look
So any midi boffins who could point me in the right direction would be great

Pan is MIDI controller number 10, so check to see if any of your sliders or knobs on your MPK are set to CC10, they maybe jittering around the position of the slider/knob.

If you find a control that is set to CC10, change it to something else to see if this stops it happening.

thanks for fast reply.
Looked at my mpk software and all the rotary encoders were using midi cc 10, changed them and it seems great, didnt think it was encoders as it was happening when i was hitting normal keys.
Thanks so much for your help