Midi problems in CE5

when i first recorded a vst device it worked perfectly. but on playback someof the files cannot be heard although the leds are showing up on the tracks.i’ve had the exact problem with the ansine plugin and an sr202 plugin. (they’re legit by the way). i’m sure it’s a really simple problem to fix, but i’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. :slight_smile: anyone have any suggestions?

More information needed:

  1. Are your track MIDI or Instrument trcaks
  2. If MIDI: Where MIDI is routed to
  3. If instrument track: Where is audio of the instrument track routed to

my tracks are instrument tracks. they are routed to all midi inputs. now i have no sound whatsoever. strange, but reason works perfectly. this is gettong very annoying. :imp:

I asked: “Where is audio of the instrument track routed to”
Your answer:

Sorry. Impossible. You cannot route audio to MIDI inputs. No need to make comments like: “very annoying. :imp:”, if you don’t understand the basic concepts. In this case my last answer is: CYLM (Consult Your Lovely Manual).

i apologize for my noobieness, but i really don’t have a lot of experience with midi and virtual instruments. stupid question: how do i find out where the audio of the instrument track is routed to? :blush:

In the Mixer.

the sr202 plugin is routed to audio track 1. the second sr202 is on audio track 2. daHornet is on audio track 3. ansine2is on audio track 4 but it is not showing up in the led. evm bassline is on audio track 5. truthsynth is on audio track 6. On tracks 12 to 16 (which i assume are midi tracks?) the ansine, evm bassline and truth synth are not showing up.

That is so original! :laughing:

Though I could be wrong, I think Jarno is looking for where the outputs are routed on the tracks. Like a VSTi on your instrument track.