Midi Problems in cubase 5

Wow. I finally am able to post after talking with Cubase Germany.

Anyways, I have figured most of cubase out but there is one important element that I haven’t figured out.

So I recently upgraded to cubase studio 5 from Cubase 5 SE, and now to cubase 6 which I probably get sometime this week.

The issue that I am having is involving Microsoft Midi Mapper or Microsoft GS synth. I cannot get midi to work!

Now I can use midi instruments assigned to other external VSTI plugins, but not through the regular old Microsoft synths, such as when you hear it played in Finale 2011 or a plain old midi file. Ironically, I have gotten MIDI to work via Microosft synths, through both programs AT ONE TIME but first SE went out, then I upgraded to Cubase studio 5, it worked, and now it doesn’t and I can’t figure out why. The only changes I have made was assigning vstis to them.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this issue?

Those are just for use by the OS to playback MIDI files in WMP and such and aren’t for use in Cubase. If you want a GM VSTi, you can download Universal Sound Module from Steiny’s FTP site (don’t forget to get the data file, also). Free ones can be had at kvraudio.