Midi Problems with Cubase 5.5.2 and MidiSport 2x2

Hello all. Thanks in advance for any help on this issue. Has anyone here experienced midi timing problems using the MIdiSport 2x2 (the green one) and Cubase 5.5.2? i have installed the latest drivers for the MidiSport 2x2. Notes are stacked (doubled), also falling before the beat, and some notes are extended beyond the bar. i have to manually correct them. However, the feature to remove doubles in the Midi menu works sometimes for doubles. The MidiSport worked flawless with Cubase SX2. Is there a setting somewhere that’s set or not set to correct this problem? i’ve already tried the two “Midi timestamp” options to no avail. Also read about the “ignore midi port filter” for Cubase SX3, SX2 etc. But this is not necessary in Cubase 5.5.2 is it? Thanks again for all help and i hope the question is not to cluttered :neutral_face: . Continued success to all.

You need to use the Emulated MIDI Ports with that device. There’s a Knowledge Base article that tells how to enable them depending on the Cubase version.

Ah. in 5.5 it’s called enableemulated.

Thanks for replying. i’ll study this vast bit of wealth on this topic on the Steinberg Knowledge Base site. Thanks mashedmitten.