midi problems with cubase vst 5.1

i have just had to reformat my pc’s hard drive.
i reinstalled cubase vst 5.1 along with reason 2.5.
since reinstalling i cannot get my midi keyboard to trigger software synths,midi will play back after programming in notes in the editor just refuses to be triggered by keyboard.
midi was working fine before my reformatting and reinstalling software,so i had left the midi cables plugged in as they were.
i use a terratec dmx fire 24/26 soundcard,hooked up to phatboy midi controller,midi keyboard,midi sport 2x2 and korg Electribe.Soundcard attached to mixer via amp.
if anyone knows the order that they think these should be connected in a chain i’d be gratefull for advise,also midi settings within cubase,how should this be setup?
my setup has spent a few years kind of mothballed the last year or 2 due to health problems i’ve had but have just started using it again and so would be graefull for any advive/tips etc.
been finding it hard to get answers for this version as everyone seems to be using the latest versions which i’m not really interested in using,my pc might well struggle with the new apps anyway.

crawled around under the table last night in the mass of cables and changed the midi cables around ,tried to make sure all midi cables were not overlapping any audio or power cables and managed to get cubase to trigger a softsynth from my midi keyboard.
opened a new project and it went back to refusing to trigger sounds from the midi keyboard…every time i open cubase i get a message saying sample rate has changed,dont know what that is about cos i havent changed anything in souncard settings or cubase.
again,if someone can advise on how midi should be connected in this chain and set up in cubase will be much appreciated …anyone?

This is sooo… many years ago, but when MIDI didn’t work for me in VST5, I think it was something to do with MIDI through not being enabled in Cubase when I installed it. Worth a try?

hi,thanks for the suggestion,already have MIDI thru enabled so its something else thats at fault.
noticed that almost everytime i boot or reboot windows it doesnt start windows everytime but goes to the BIOS page instead.
a few other things happened after formatting then reinstalling xp home edition,the dmx soundcard wasnt being recognised by windows,it was in device manager with yellow question mark,i could get sound from windows media player though.Also,my usb midisport 2x2 constantly told me it wasnt installed,usually had to run installation disk 3 times before it stopped telling me.
Some vst plugins were not showing up in cubase after installing them.
Couldnt get it fixed no matter how many times i reinstalled dmx drivers so did system restore from the disks that originally came with it,pc was made by INTA AUDIO .
that seemed to make a difference as souncard installed fine and i dont get windows telling me my midisport isnt yet installed.
Installed my old cubase vst 5.1 then reason up to 2.5,vsti’s and fx do now show in cubase so i’m getting somewhere.
do steinberg still offer online support for my version of cubase?
i might end up seeing if i can buy a more recent version probably on ebay,cant afford to buy brand new and i dont want to try installing cracked versions cos they usually do more to mess up a pc.
Back to the drawing board in the meanwhile and those hard to read pdf “getting into details” docs. :nerd:

cubase and reason now working together,reinstalled both and downloaded latest version of rewire.
still get the BIOS screen coming up when i start my pc though,a bit annoying,and also when i start cubase i still get ‘sample rate has changed’ etc