MIDI Problems

Hello. I need some help please. I have Cubase LE AI Elements 8. I have a Roland TD9 brain attached to my V-Drum kit. I have recently brought a Yamaha MX49 keyboard all running through a Tascam US200 interface. It is currently set up as follows:

Laptop connected to US-200
US-200 Midi Out to the TD9 brain
TD9 Out / Thru to the input of the MX49
MX49 output to the MIDI in on the US200.

Now, everything seems to work just fine, except I cannot seem to get Cubase to see the MIDI in from the TD9, I know its going out as it triggers the sound on the relevant MIDI channel on the keyboard when I hit the drum pads.
Is there a simple setting I am missing?? Do I need to change the MIDI routing?? I’m really stumped on this one.
Please help if you can
Many thanks

Hi and welcome,

As far as I can see you send the MIDI Data from T9 Out/Thru to MX49 In. On MX49 you use MIDI Out instead of MIDI Thru. So the data which comes from MIDI In ends up in MX49. To copy the MIDI In data to the “MIDI Out” of MX49, you have to use MIDI Thru instead of MIDI Out on MX49. Maybe there is a setup to use MIDI Out as MIDI Thru on MX49.

Or you can connect it the other way around:
MX49 Out > TD9 In
TD9 Thru > US-200 In

Does it work?

Actually myself, I would simplify it. Connect MX49 via USB. Then you have an own MX49 MIDI Port (USB) and separated TD9 (over US-200) MIDI Port.