MIDI Program Change for live rig

New to MIDI programing into an actual DAW.

I looked up XSonic’s MIDI footswitch, the Airstep and would like to clarify as if it can send a MIDI message into Cubase Elements 9 and change the assigned monitored track.

The idea is I would like to use a live guitar rig that changes the FX presets or amp model (plugin based; BIAS FX & EZMix mostly) by switching to different tracks on my cubase session, so I don’t use an actual pedalboard. I would set up the chain out of any audio interface (this case a 2i2 Scarlett or Fast Track Pro) into a power amp and then speakers or something adequate for a live setting.

Sorry if this sounds confusing, it’s an uncoventional setup. Care to explain better given the responses.

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I don’t know this device. But from the quick description I have read, it seems, it doesn’t send MIDI Messages.

You could do this by using MIDI Remote device. You would just assign the MIDI Message to the “Next Track” message. But your device doesn’t seem to send a MIDI Message, so you would need a different pedal/MIDI device.

What were you reading??
From the product page:

AIRSTEP has a comprehensive and powerful MIDI control function. From 2 5-Pin MIDI interfaces to USB and Bluetooth MIDI interface, It can control all things related to MIDI, whether it’s hardware or software. It can be placed everywhere you want, to rule your home studio and live gig, with its compact size to put in your guitar bag or backpack.

AIRSTEP can send all types of MIDI messages: Control Change, Program Change, Note On/Off, SysEx, System Real-Time, etc. It can send up to 8 different MIDI messages with just one press, or release, or long-press. All of the messages can be easily edited by the AIRSTEP APP.



OK, great!

Then @jedjanzen344 , you can use this device, as I describbed above. :wink:

Thank you, @mlib

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No problem!

PS. The Thomann link goes to a “YT Edition” model.

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